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Reading the Alessandro Garofalo’s latest post, the author of ‘How a failure physicist and a remorseful  psychiatrist quested the scientific formula of innovation and creativity and they did not find it, but they have discovered something much more useful and surprising having a lot of fun’ co-written with Matteo Rampino, I have been impressed by the conclusion of his 19 reflections on the contemporary use of web social media. Garofalo argues that it is necessary to renounce the power to maintain a leadership position in the social media universe, as the opening is the only way to maintain control. Indeed there are two indicative trends of an important ongoing change: first of all there are more people online, more people use the web for longer and perform more activities; secondly, the sharing increases because it is much easier, cheaper and faster. Today the issue is that it must be acknowledged that the power is no longer wield by us, but by others, by followers and customers. That is why, to give back part of the system control, you must be constructive, waiving power. It may seem a paradox, but accept that others hold the power can help you reducing the negative behaviors that occur in the network. “To be opened” Garofalo says “you must give up the power. To fill the gap, you must develop confidence because you should realize that, once you renounce the power, the people to whom we delegate the authorities will act responsibly.

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